AK-47 Marijuana Strain

AK - 47
Ak-47 is a Sativa Dominant marijuana strain and shares a lot of its Indica characteristics which shortens the time it takes to harvest. Unlike most Sativa Marijuana Strains, AK-47’s Indica influence allows for quick development and significant yields. Throughout the history of AK-47 the genetics have been perfected allowing for almost exact results from seed to harvest in terms of potency and volume. This plant does well in both indoor and outdoor environments with minimal differences in the end result. This marijuana strain works perfectly in low to medium temperatures and based on these characteristics will influence the density of the buds, the higher the temperatures the fluffier the buds. AK-47 marijuana strain is a very potent strain and its effects are almost immediate. A patient can expect to feel the influence of the strain on the first drag and the effects will last for a significant amount of time. You can expect to have a cerebral experience but not so intense as Northern Lights. The strain is used for Social Anxiety disorders, Migraines, Muscle pain, Nausea and more with its main significant side effect being dry mouth. Marijuana Doctors 411 suggests drinking a lot of liquids when ingesting this strain. The cultivation process is pretty straight forward and even a beginner gardener would be able to produce a significant and potent yield from this plant. IF you want to find out more about strains, cultivation guides, cultivation techniques, how to build a grow room and more, please feel free to check out our Weedpedia section for more information. If you cannot find what you are looking for, Marijuana Doctors 411 is more than happy to supply you with an answer. You can also check out our active forum and Facebook community to get in touch with other patients, doctors and caregivers. 234x60 AK 47 Marijuana Strain
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