Five Amazing Medical Uses of Marijuana

There is an extensive list of medical uses of marijuana, but many of them involve the treatment of conditions not so severe, such as the hiccups, headaches, and minor pain.  There are proven uses, though, that would amaze even the most skeptical of skeptics, even if they would have to compile their own research before truly believing in this great herb. The fact that marijuana has such amazing medicinal value is not new information, even though the federal government would like you to think so.  I is hard to convince a large portion of the population that what they have been being told for so long are lies, as the government has used fear for so long in order to further their agenda.  Don’t let that fear keep you from learning the truth about the amazing medicinal value of medical marijuana.  There are five medical uses in particular that are sure to amaze you if you are just beginning to learn about the healing properties of this versatile herb.
  • Killing Brain Cancer Cells – A cure for cancer has still yet to be found but recent research shows that marijuana can aid in killing certain cancer cells, such as those found in patients with brain cancer.
  • Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease – Recent research also shows that marijuana is effective in preventing Alzheimer’s as well, due to the fact that THC has the potential to prevent deposit formation in the brain that is associated with the disease.
  • Avoiding the Spread of Breast Cancer – Another chemical found in marijuana, cannabidiol, was found in a recent study to be responsible for preventing the spread of breast cancer.
  • Minimizing the Symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis – The symptoms of multiple sclerosis can range from pain to spasticity, and can be very severe.  Recent studies have found that marijuana reduces those symptoms significantly because of the presence of cannabinoids.
  • Diminishing the Effects of Tourette’s Syndrome – Those that suffer from Tourette’s can be inflicted with very severe symptoms, but studies have found that marijuana can diminish the number of tics a sufferer experiences by more than 100 percent.
To be sure, there are some people who are recommended for marijuana that suffer from much less severe conditions.  But medical uses of marijuana such as these are the reason that medical marijuana must be legalized in every state.
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