Amsterdam and Cannabis: Its Progressive Steps Mark a Faux Pas

We may not have full legalization in the states, but another more enlightened nation has allowed cannabis and hash to be legal for a number of years: Amsterdam. Amsterdam and Cannabis- Amsterdam has been a mecca for bike riders, cannabis and hash enthusiasts alike. Naturally, these all go together, but I digress. After having a relatively lax drug policy for about the last forty years, more than just the Dutch were privy to the benefits. They allowed tourists to also partake in their local culture. However, Amsterdam was very recently supporting a ban on tourists being able to acquire the U.S. banned substance. The ban resulted in a $41 million dollar loss in a month’s time, equating to approximately 345 jobs in their market, cutting its annual percentage of 3.66 million tourists down to size. This also led to coffee shops that were “members only”, where the residents had to have their names placed in a database. The End of a Brief Run- This ban not last very long. Such atrocities quickly ended when the Mayor of Amsterdam decided to lift the ban, allowing once more tourists the ability to purchase cannabis on the premises of coffee shops.  The ban which lasted for about a year, ended when Mayor Eberhard van der Laan decided that the ban would be counterproductive to the aim of the Dutch people. He decided that 1.5 million tourists will not just give up on finding drugs when they hit the city. This will lead to a spike in violence, crime and back to an ever flourishing black market of substances, diminishing what the city had already worked so hard to accomplish.   Marijuana is the worlds most used illicit drug in the world, and by a pretty large margin. Amsterdam and Cannabis will continue to go together for as long as Amsterdam has coffee shops that serve their intended purposes and believe me, we appreciate it!  They were able to see that the ban not only had an effect on tourism, but on the countries overall GDP as the drop in tourists cause a sharp trough in the countries tax revenue. Talk about a group of people who can make a difference.
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