Arizona Medical Marijuana

The Arizona Medical Marijuana system is one of the most regulated Medical Marijuana programs in the country. Arizona is a major drug port of the United States receiving a lot of illicit drugs from the south. Thus it is imperative that the State implements harsh regulations within their Medical Marijuana Program. Until May of this year there were absolutely no dispensaries allowed to operate within the State. The only method that patients could have obtained their medication was through Pot clubs or Compassion Centers or Caregivers. In order for a patient to obtain a Medical Marijuana card, the patient is required to have a check up on from a registered physician. The physician in turn will determine whether the patient qualifies for the program or not. If the physician believes that the patient does have a debilitating disease or disorder that classifies the patient for the program, the physician will write a recommendation. It is currently illegal for physicians to provide a prescription as Marijuana is still a Schedule I drug under the Federal prohibition of drugs. Currently the Arizona Medical Marijuana system is becoming less strict and they are attempting to integrate a dispensary system into the program. Due to the trajectory of the Medical Marijuana program, the State of Arizona observed that the program in itself has very little negative impact on society; in fact it limits the underground marijuana market and provides taxes for the State. A patient must understand how much marijuana and how many plants they can grow without being subjected to legal repercussions. According to current state law, patients may possess up to two and a half ounces of useable marijuana. A patient and a Caregiver can grow up to twelve plants but it has to be within an indoor environment. It cannot be grown in public sight. Neither the patient nor the caregiver may have any criminal records and must be at least twenty one years old. Patients can legally interchange marijuana as long as it doesn’t exceed 2.5 ounces. If you are to break any of these laws you can expect a fine of minimal $750 USD or equivalent to the drug charge and can expect a jail sentence from anywhere of four months to twelve years depending on the severity of the situation. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to screen the Arizona Medical Marijuana program in order to provide up to date information on State Marijuana laws.
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