The Benefits of Marijuana Cards

Marijuana Cards
The value of marijuana cards has been discussed over and over again, but the topic always deserves revisiting for the simple fact that it is so important.  For some people it seems like a hassle to have to go through the process of obtaining a medical marijuana card.  For others there is the fear that doing so will land them on some kind of registry that can be targeted by the government.  But the truth is, the benefits afforded to medical marijuana card holders make it well worth the trouble and the uneasiness of getting one.  Still not everybody who uses medical marijuana has taken this step though.  In California, for example, barely more than 500,000 medical marijuana users hold valid cards.  And in Colorado that number is not much more than 100,000.  To be sure, there are many more people that have doctor recommendations to use medical marijuana, but those recommendations do not offer the added benefits that are associated with marijuana cards.  The following reasons are reason enough to get one.
  • Protect Yourself Legally – The most important reason for getting a medical marijuana card in the state that you live in is the legal protection that it offers.  State officials are instructed not to arrest and/or fine medical marijuana users that hold cards.  For those that only hold a recommendation the laws are not always so clear.
  • Let Your Voice Be Heard – Another great reason to register for a medical marijuana card is the fact that you would be speaking up about something you believe in.  The more people that hide the fact that they are medical marijuana users, the fewer people the federal government sees as believing in it.
  • Get Access to High-Grade Bud – Last but certainly not least, medical marijuana cards allow medical marijuana users access to some seriously high-grade bud.  When you visit a cannabis dispensary what you will have available to you is nothing like what you grew in your closet at home when you were a teenager.
It may be a hassle to get a card, and it doesn’t make it any better that there is often a fee, but the benefits medical marijuana cards provide make them worth their while.
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