Blue cheese Marijuana Strain

This Indica dominant hybrid is one of the numerous Big Buddha Cheese marijuana strains that have been developed throughout the past. Mainly having the “cheese” factor the plant itself has a hint of blueberry that does wonders to the taste. You can expect your plant to fully mature within a period of eight to ten weeks and will begin to see distinctive purple hues appear at the end of the process. Whether you decide to grow indoor or outdoor you can expect to see a massive cola in both conditions and produces a decent amount of bud on all side branches. In terms of flavor, Blue Cheese marijuana has a very spicy taste to it and upon exhaling you’ll find a hint of berries. This fruity, musky plant might not produce as much bud as some other commercialized strains, yet still produces a very good amount of bud when compared to other Cheese strains. The effect of Blue Cheese Marijuana is that of a solid head high that doesn’t force itself on you. You can expect to be eased into a state of total relaxation and a heightened imagination. It is perfect for anxiety disorders, creative blocks, and stress to name a few. IF you need a big yield then this plant is not the right one for you, but if you are looking to acquire a unique taste with a very pleasant high, then Blue Cheese Marijuana is the ticket. If you would like more in depth techniques on growing and how to properly care for your Marijuana plants, feel free to check out our Marijuana Blog or send us your question directly. We have a very active Facebook community and Web Forum where any and all of your questions can be answered. article. 234x60 Blue cheese Marijuana Strain
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