Is Cannabis Harmful to the Pregnant Population?

Pregnant Women
Cannabis and pregnant women has not been a subject that has been talked about much. It has always been people conception, or in this case misconception, that cannabis is bad for you, so what kind of crazy woman would partake in the schedule one drug if she was bearing child? Recent studies may prove otherwise. Health Benefits: All of the many prohibitionists will vow to tell you that because cannabis has negative health effects, your child should not be privy to those health effects. The fact of the matter is that recent studies have shown that cannabis has given mothers healthy babies, and is most cases, more intelligent ones. In a recent study done of babies with cannabis smoking mothers shows that the babies scored higher on tests of cognition than mother who did not light up. Also, an independent study done in the UK also showed that pregnant mothers exhibited lower baby mortality rate than that of non smoking mothers.  Cannabis using mothers showed a rate of 8.9 death per 1,000 births as apposed to mothers who did not smoke who showed a rate of 13.7 births per 1,000. Furthermore, cannabis has been proven to alleviate morning sickness. Hesitancy and Improper Education: There will still remain a fear of smoking marijuana during pregnancy, despite recent studies. There is not a litany of information on the newsstands that is readily available for busy mothers to get their hands on. It must be searched out of the thousands of pages that exist on the internet, and even then surely doubt will remain. Studies from yesterday, “family values” and the uneducated ides people have about this Section 1 drug (yeah, it is actually grouped in with Heroin) will more than likely continue forward. For those that want to know the truth however, can have a happy and healthy pregnancy and in due time the myths of cannabis and pregnant women will disappear in due time.
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