Is Cannabis Helpful to the Daily Athlete?

Cannabis and Athletes
I have always been a pretty active person. I played football in middle school, lifted while I was in high school, and enjoy running, swimming, and biking. I by no means intend on doing an Ironman anytime soon, but aspects of anyone’s workout regimen have to do with eating right and allowing the body to recover, but can cannabis help the daily athlete? A Success Story: We all remember the controversy that surrounded Michael Phelps and him toking up three months after successfully winning eight gold medals at the 2008 Olympics. He, soon after, apologized of his youthful discretion and was slapped with a three month suspension from USA swimming, but did minimal damage to his career as a swimmer. Phelps then went on to say that he felt that marijuana did NOT affect his performance in the pool, making a marked point that reached well beyond his apology. Hopefully the record twenty medals that Phelps has won will help change the opinion of the “moral” majority. Cannabis and the Athlete: It has been proven again and again that medical cannabis has properties to help reduce stress, increase appetite and aid in a good night’s sleep. The reduction of stress is necessary for muscles to properly heal and build muscle fibers in the body after a heavy work out session. Next, it is necessary for the athlete to eat many times a day (upwards of six small meals a day). It is understandable that most people do not feel the need to eat this many times a day, but it is important for the athlete to continuously feed its body so it can continually keep the metabolic system running properly and supply the body with ample nutrients that it needs after strenuous exercise. Lastly, the need for the body to regenerate especially when it is being heavily depended on to perform is crucial. Medicinal marijuana could aid in all of these facets. It is in the public’s best interest to stop demonizing people that use cannabis, whether it be medicinal or otherwise. After all, cannabis has been supported as the majority and we are no longer the few any longer.  Whether it be the daily athlete who uses cannabis, or the busy adult who uses it to unwind, our prohibition laws need to be reconsidered on the federal level.  
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