Cannabis Dispensary

A Legal Cannabis Dispensary can be seen as a Pharmacy where patients with proper certification can obtain marijuana to cure a number of diseases. Currently there are seventeen states that have permitted the operation of legal marijuana dispensaries and roughly ten other states that have that have pending legislations which would legalize the use of Marijuana. Under this system, people who lack the possession of an official Marijuana Card would still be penalized by law, whereas those who have obtained a legal Marijuana ID would have access to thus said dispensaries. Regardless of the fact that some States have legalized Marijuana for medicinal purposes, the Federal government continues to treat the substance as a Schedule I drug meaning; “It has no Medical Value and High potential for abuse”. Thereby, due to the illegality of the substance on a Federal level the sale or possession of cannabis could still be penalized by federal law. Yet as public opinion continues to sway in favor of legalization, the days of Federal prohibition might be numbered. The Cannabis dispensary has legal right to sell marijuana to patients with proper credentials. In some cases dispensaries have the authorization to transport cannabis to patients that cannot travel to the destinations and in certain States, grow clubs have been created where no money is exchanged and the operation is kept alive through donations. These are referred to as “Pot Clubs” or “Cannabis Clubs” and have numerous regulations in place to ensure that no illegal dealings occur. When entering a Dispensary, you will first be asked for your Marijuana card and once approved you will be allowed to pass.  Upon entry you will, in most cases, see a glass case filled with different strains and in many different forms. You will be greeted by the dispensary operator and he/she will help you decide what strain and method would best suit your medical needs. There are literally thousands of different strains of Marijuana to choose from but in most cases for diseases such as Cancer, Glaucoma, MS and so on, Indica is the preferred strain. In the case of anxiety disorders, anorexia and more Sativa is recommended. Talk to the dispensary operator to help you make the best selection. Once you have defined the right strain for you, you can purchase and exit. Different states have different laws in terms of consumption and possession and it is wise to read on our Marijuana States Articles to find out more about which laws apply to your state. Marijuana remains a controversial topic in terms of medicinal value. Skeptics claim that Medical Marijuana is merely a smoke screen for full scale legalization and believe that “pot heads” are behind the entire agenda. There are numerous studies that indicate that Marijuana effectively treats close to two hundred different diseases and in many studies have shown to eradicate cancer completely without any of the negative side effects when implementing traditional treatment; I.E Chemotherapy. The best method to consume cannabis as medicine is as an oil. Essential Cannabis oils have high concentration of THC, the active ingredient in Marijuana. The cannabinoids work superbly well with the lymphatic system which promotes a stronger immune system. The oil can be smoked, vaporized or consumed. In some cases patients cannot smoke cannabis due to diseases such as lung cancer. In these cases vaporizing or consuming it in eatables is the choice method. Eating cannabis will have a much longer effect and in most cases will motivate the patient to sleep, which is essential for the healing process. For more information on Dispensaries feel free to contact the Marijuana Doctors 411 staff and we can help you clarify any doubts you may have.
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