Cannabis Strains

   Marijuana Ying Yang    V2 by Bacoben Cannabis Strains In our marijuana culture, there are three different, and very obvious, cannabis strains. Indica, which tends to grow rather short, but very fat leaflets when reaching maturity. Indica tends to also be favored by indoor growers and matures quicker than its Sativa counterpart. The other strain, Sativa, grows too much greater heights than its counterpart and tends to grow thinner and taller leaflets. Sativa, however, does take anywhere from four to six weeks longer to mature than Indica, making it favored by outdoor horticulturists. Finally, there is also a strain that is not known by very many called Ruderalis, but only produces trace amounts of THC and is not generally harvested by growers. Selecting Your Strain Type- The different cannabis strains vary greatly in appearance. However, there is not only a difference in height and appearance of the plant; there are also different "highs" that the different cannabis strains produce as a result of the strain. The Indica strain tends to produce, what is commonly known as “couch lock”, where the user partakes and feels a strong body high. Sativa on the other hand, has a tendency of producing a high that would give one more of a “head” high, giving them the ability to maintain conversation and motor skills. Indica can help with health problems that sativa may lack the ability to do, and vice versa. In the last twenty to thirty years or so, growers have also made hybrids of plants, taking the best of both worlds and creating new cannabis strains to better serve the marijuana community. These are just general guidelines, however. There is not only the split in type, but there is also the split in several different cannabis strains that carry within them, all different types of medical qualities. The different qualities can be very specific to the user’s needs. Any dispensary with a trained staff can make the appropriate recommendations as to what product creates the desired effect the consumer seeks. Cannabis strains vary greatly and more and more strains are being created every year.
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