Cannabis Vaporization- Optimal Choice for Ailing Patients?

Cannabis Vaporization
Cannabis Vaporization has been one of the most effective ways for the cannabis patient or “enthusiast” to receive the most THC for their dollar. Despite this, I see that this does not seem to be the most widely used method by the marijuana community. Marijuana Delivery: Papers, pipes, and bongs seem to be the most prevalent means of marijuana use, even for people that are sitting comfortably at home. Understandably, marijuana vaporizers can be more costly than their pipe or bong counterparts, but will pay for themselves within minimal sessions of use. Depending on how much it is you intend on spending, you can buy a vaporizer for as cheap as $150 dollars (for one of decent quality) all the way upwards of $800 (electronic version) for the well-known Volcano produced by Storz and Bickel.  Their latest vaporizer allows you to set your machine electronically so that the use can get optimal THC efficiency out of your cannabis. Marijuana vaporizers also allow the user to pull the “vaporizer poo”, which resembles tobacco grounds, for future use. This is the cannabis that is cooked and left over from the smoking session. There are still trace amounts of THC in this leftover and can be used for cooking, allowing you to get optimal use out of your marijuana and your dollar. Vaporizer Efficiency: Studies have shown that vaporizing your bud allows you to pull 47-61% of THC content from your bud and is the healthiest way to smoke as it decreases harmful tars entering your body. Smoking a joint produces a maximum of 20-25% THC content while bongs produce a maximum of 40%, but serves as the least healthiest smoking experience. It all comes down to preference. You may be used to smoking from a bong, taking huge rips creating plumes of smoke that could fill your living room. If that is the case, then purchasing a vaporizer may not be for you. However the use of Cannabis Vaporization will become more and more prevalent to ailing patients that may not have the luxury to smoke out of a bong or roll a joint.  
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