Changing the Game- Hemp Strength and “Green” Solutions

It is a travesty to know that cannabis (and hemp) is illegal after realizing what can be done, not only with as a medical treatment, but with hemp to build industrial products. Hemp strength has been clearly overlooked. We all understand how ridiculous its prohibition is, but seeing the different things that can be done gives a whole new level of questioning why this prohibition has lasted so long.
  • Hemp to Build Houses: it is obvious that the reason we have yet to see prohibition lifted, is largely, because of the money that will be lost by those in power and the ridiculous “moral majority”. Hemp has recently been used to make houses in Europe, wherever it is legal to grow hemp. A process that uses hemp and concrete lime, allows  the builder to make houses that are stronger than cement and weighs 1/6 the weight of a traditional home. The addition of the hemp to the building mixture allows the house to petrify, giving it the added strength. This particular process has been said to have been used in ancient Egyptian and Merovingian sites. Furthermore, Hemp fibers can be compressed and used as drywall, plywood and can even be made into support beams.
  • Hemp to Replace Paper: It has largely been proven that hemp is not only more efficient than wood, it is also renewable. An acre of hemp crop can produce upwards of four times more paper than an acre of trees and does not have to wait twenty years to be harvested. We could be saving a great many acres of trees and forests as a result of hemp legalization, and could restore many habitats that have been destroyed by lumber companies and lobbyists.
In the time that I have done research for these articles that I have written, it has become more and more apparent to me that the politics that surround this issue, or lack thereof, is disgusting. Hemp strength can revolutionize the way we do business and even build structures. Even if we were to legalize hemp production (since you cannot get “high” of hemp) we could seriously cut back our carbon footprint, create ever more efficient ( and stronger) products and reduce deforestation. I am far from being a “treehugger” but if I have kids someday, I do not want to be the one to have to tell them my generation helped lead to the destruction of the world as we know it.  
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