Chem #4 Marijuana Strain

Medical Pot
Today, we are looking at the Indica dominant Chem #4. Chem #4 comes to us from The Clinic in Colorado, which is located in the mile high city of Denver via the ChemDawg line from the Cali Connection in the San Fernando Valley. Chem #4’s THC levels are at a respectable 22.26% with a CBD at a low .47%. Origin and Growth- originally bred in California, this plant is for intermediate growers and matures in about eight to nine weeks. This particular plant is susceptible to mildew, so it would be in the best interest of the grower to make sure they apply the proper chemical accordingly. Grows to heights of seven feet outdoors and four to five feet indoors and is meant for indoor or outdoor grow. Yields are  moderate for the cannabis farmer. The Senses- neon green bud covered with crystals and some orange hairs throughout. Smells of pine and citrus; some users even say it smells of diesel fuel, but in a pleasant way. Medical use and Effect- first and foremost, this strain is best used for the anorexic, patients who are suffering from pain, insomnia, regular migraines, dealing with heavy anxiety and inflammation. The user can expect a decent head high within the first ten to fifteen minutes of exposure, followed by a debilitating feeling of couch lock that would not elude even the highest of tolerances. This is definitely a strain to be had for the experienced user and is one that will keep you in for the night, so get a movie or game ready. Chem # 4 differs from its first three cuttings as it is an Indica dominant strain, but has quickly become the most highly regarded of the strains. It is one of the few strains that can be characterized as the one “hit it and quit it” strain for even the most experienced of smokers. 234x60 Chem #4 Marijuana Strain
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