Chiesel Marijuana Strain

Chiesel is a hybrid cross-breed between Cheese and New York Diesel. Being predominantly Sativa the plant itself will produce leaves more related to its Indica side. Chiesel isn’t really high maintenance and grows in optimal conditions when the branches are left in place. You will however need to feed the plant a lot of nutrients in order to produce the best yield. The buds in itself are piney nuggets compacted with a light green color sprinkled with orange hairs. You’ll notice that when you hold the bud in your hand that it is weighty and dense. It’s best to grow this plant indoors in order to maximize the yield and control the nutrients. It takes roughly nine to ten weeks to flower depending on the method implemented by the grower. One can enhance the flavor of Chiesel depending on when you wish to stop the flowering process. As you prolong maturity the taste resembles that of Grapefruit Kush, whereas earlier harvest would lean more towards a Cheesy-Kush taste. During the flowering phase you can expect t a profound smell come from the Chiesel so it would be wise to set up proper ventilation and air extraction. Due to the fact that Chiesel is a Sativa hybrid it provides significant relief for anxiety disorders, stress management, depression and more. You can expect to be on your feet and energetic with this strain and should have no problem interacting with people. If you would like to learn more about growing methods, cultivation, harvesting and so forth simply check out our blog or send us your questions directly. Everybody should have the ability and knowledge to grow their own medicine, we at Marijuana Doctors 411 aim to provide a knowledge base sufficient to fulfill all patient’s needs. 234x60 Chiesel Marijuana Strain
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