Today, we take a look at Chocolope, a strain that hails from the great state of the Rockies. Chocolope comes to us from The Clinic located in the “mile high” city of Denver via DNA Genetics in Amsterdam. It is a Sativa dominant strain (95/5) and has a THC level of 21.8 % with a CBD level of 1.69%
  • Origin and Growth: this particular strain hails from The Clinic dispensary in Denver Colorado. It’s genetics are a mixture of OG Chocolate Thai female and Cannalope Haze male. This strain yields very well. The outdoor grower can expect to yield within eight to nine weeks and will yield late October to early November. The plant is said to produce upwards of 500-600 g/m2 and is largely geared toward the beginner grower.
  • The Senses: tastes of chocolate nibs and sweet cocoa.  The smell is a slightly uplifting scent of spicy and sweet. The user can expect to see trichome covered green nugs with dark orange red hairs and stem colors of purple and brown.
  • Medical Use and Effect: its top medical uses are for epilepsy, Crohns disease, multiple sclerosis, and some other seizure related problems. Excellent head high that does not make the user “space” for long periods of time. Chocolope offers a thought provoking and cerebral high. The high lasts for approximately 2 hours, at which time user should consider re-medicating.  Furthermore, the used can expect feelings of euphoria and bouts of happiness. This strain also gives the user feeling of creativity and energy, and is not a bed time strain. Adverse effects are pretty normal: user can expect dry eyes and mouth (easily curable with a nice big glass of water), some dizziness, headaches and paranoia, depending on the tolerance of the patient.
Chocolope took first place at the Hydro Highlife Cup in 2008, second in the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup and third in the Hyrdo Highlife cup in 2009. 234x60 Chocolope
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