Colorado Medical Marijuana

The Colorado Medical Marijuana Program is probably one of the most accepted systems within the US. Currently Colorado is one of three states that are attempting to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes and will vote on the legislation this November. If the state manages to pass the bill it would mean that any adult over the age of twenty one would have legal access to marijuana. In essence the Colorado Medical Marijuana program is very similar to that of California and allows patients to opt in for Medical Marijuana Cards that can be used at Marijuana Dispensaries where patients acquire their medicine. It is essential that patients obtain a written recommendation from a registered physician. Once the patient has obtained his/her written permission, the patient may go to the Department of Health and apply for a Medical Marijuana program. The physician must determine whether Marijuana can indeed assist the patient with their debilitating disease. Some of these diseases and disorders include; Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, AIDS/HIV, Glaucoma, Arthritis and more. It is essential that a patient investigates all of the diseases that are covered by the Colorado Marijuana program in order to see if the patient qualifies. The Patient will be given a Medical Marijuana Card and is required to pay an initial annual fee. Every year the patient will be required to pay the annual fee to remain within the system. With this card a patient has the option to grow their own medicine or to obtain it through a Marijuana dispensary. These Dispensaries can be seen as Marijuana Pharmacies and can provide a plethora of solutions to help the patient with his or her illness. Patients and Caregivers may grow and possess marijuana without facing any criminal repercussions. Patients and Caregivers may have up to six plants of which only three maybe mature at a time and two ounces of useable Marijuana. If a patient is caught with more than this he/she has the right to argue that the excess was for medical necessity. It is imperative that the patient discusses nothing to the arresting officer and waits for court. If a patient is found guilty of violating the Colorado Marijuana program, a potential ban and fine could be issued. Minors can obtain a Medical Marijuana license under the consent of the parent or guardians. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to screen the Colorado Marijuana Program in order to provide up to date information. We will inform you on what occurs in November and what the fate of the Medical Marijuana program will be.
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