Columbia might be using Marijuana to Sway Harder Drug Addictions

cocaina Columbia might be using Marijuana to Sway Harder Drug AddictionsIn the past, during alcohol prohibition, there were many Marijuana Tea Pads created to assist with ethanol addiction. Since the illegality of cannabis came to be in 1937 the use of the substance to reduce addiction was considered almost akin to devil worship (The Devil’s Weed). Fast forward to 2013 to a country in Latin America; Columbia. On the streets of Columbia there is a drug (basuco) which is the ugly step sister to crack. If you thought crack was bad…basuco is ten times worse and 10 times cheaper. Essentially the drug is made from the “left overs” of the process of extracting the psychoactive properties in the coca leaf, combined with Ash and sometimes brick (to create density) and of course a dab of kerosene. A few experts believe that there are roughly seven thousand problem cases involving Basuco, people who need between 15-20 hits per day. As with crack when a user enters into a state of withdrawal all hell breaks loose. People get mugged, houses are robbed and crime goes rampant due to the fact that there is an aggressive “basuco” monkey telling them what to do. Columbia’s Approach to the Problem Columbia is now thinking of using an age old method of curing addiction; Marijuana! Julian Quintero, from a NGO in Bogota explains in a bit more detail surrounding the potential “Controlled Consumption Centers”. In essence these centers will use a systematic approach to reducing the method of intake and slowly substituting it with marijuana. For instance; If you were to inject heroin they would start with your usual consumption method. This would be done while monitoring you in order to avoid overdose or other complications. They would then transition to smoking it and eventually would begin to mix marijuana into it. Once you have reached a point where your body is less addicted to heroin they would then simply transition to marijuana and hopefully maintain the addiction at bay with just marijuana. In Portugal, Canada, Spain and several other countries they have done similar type of programs with immaculate results. Portugal dropped its crime rates by close to 80% and addiction is in steady decline. What about the US of A? Amanda Reiman, a policy manager of the Drug Policy Alliance, explained that due to the fact that most Universities depend on Federal Grants are most likely not going to pursuit similar actions mainly due to the fact that the “Federal government isn’t quite fond of showing the benefits of marijuana, especially on how it can reduce the addiction of harder drugs”. In most cases this type of research can only be conducted outside of US borders. As legalization in the US is quickly gaining momentum however, we might see similar clinics pop up in places where cannabis was legalized for recreational or medical purposes. In terms of harm reduction, social implications and addiction control; marijuana might be the answer we have all been looking for. 234x60 Columbia might be using Marijuana to Sway Harder Drug Addictions
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