Connecticut Medical Marijuana

The Connecticut Medical Marijuana Program was made into law on May 31st 2012. Under this State law patients have the legal right to possess and grow marijuana for medical purposes. A patient must officially register with the Connecticut Department of Health and requires a recommendation from a registered physician. The physician will determine whether Marijuana can treat the patient’s disease or symptom effectively. This will generally require a physical examination and studying the patient’s medical history. Once the doctor has determined whether Marijuana can indeed help the patient, he/she will write a recommendation. With this recommendation the patient can apply for a Medical Marijuana card at the department of health. He/she would have to pay a yearly fee to be enrolled into the program. Some of the diseases that are accepted under the Connecticut Medical Marijuana program includes; Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, HIV/AIDS, Muscle disorders, Auto immune disorders, Epilepsy, a number of Anxiety disorders and more. Within Connecticut the state will determine how much cannabis would be needed per patient based on the specific disease or discomfort.  It is determined based on the amount a patient would require per month without interrupting the treatment. Currently there are no listed dispensaries within the State. Connecticut is brand new to the Medical Marijuana programs all over the United States and are currently undergoing the needed studies in order to know exactly how many dispensaries the state will need to supply medicine for all medical marijuana patients. The first certificates will be administrated on October 1st of 2012. Be sure to stay in the loop with Marijuana Doctors 411 as we will continue to update this section in order to provide the most accurate information regarding Connecticut Medical Marijuana program. As new amendments and laws occur, Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to update this section for your convenience. If there is anything specific you would like to know please get in touch with the Marijuana Doctors 411 staff.
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