DC Medical Marijuana

The District of Columbia (DC) is one of the “states” that has adopted a Medical Marijuana Program. Quite interestingly this is also the region in America where the Federal prohibition on Marijuana is also enforced, which is quite strange if one comes to think about it. Nonetheless DC adopted a Medical Marijuana program in May 2012 and as of now has permitted four dispensaries to operate within the region. Currently the infrastructure of the system is still undergoing some radical changes and the distribution of Medical Marijuana cards has been quite slow. As of now no patient can register at the Health Department for their medical marijuana card; Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to keep you updated on this process. People have to understand that there are plenty of hoops the State government has to jump through in order to implement a Medical Marijuana system. Due to the Federal Prohibition even legal dispensaries can be subjected to Federal raids. Thus it is imperative that States take every precautionary measure in order to reduce the number of potential raids. Once the system goes live, Marijuana Doctors 411 will provide the necessary information, locations of registered physicians and the locations of the dispensaries. The dispensaries have already been granted permission but have not yet begun to operate. The locations of these dispensaries are also made available on the official DC Medical Marijuana website. In essence the system will work in the same fashion as that of Colorado and California. Patients will require a Medical recommendation from a registered physician. With this recommendation they can apply at the Department of Health for a Medical Marijuana license. With this license they will be protected by law to possess and consume marijuana. The physician will be required to implement a physical exam and to revise all of the patient’s medical history. Once everything is in order the patient must pay an annual fee to be enlisted in the program. In the DC Medical Marijuana program patients with prior criminal records are not eligible to apply for a Medical Marijuana card. If you were to violate the new Marijuana laws you could be subject to criminal proceedings and even potentially being banned from future participation. Patients are NOT allowed to grow their own marijuana. The responsibility will only be granted to state licensed dispensaries and caregivers. A caregiver will also be required to obtain a license in order to grow and will be instructed on how many plants the caregiver can grow. Patients are allowed to have up to two ounces of useable marijuana on hand without facing any legal repercussions. The DC Medical Marijuana Program is still very young in nature and will continue to be amended until it fits. Marijuana Doctors 411 will continue to keep an eye on all changes and will constantly be updating this section to provide accurate information.
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