Dispensaries and Cannabis Clubs

Dispensaries and Pot Clubs
The United States have now been exposed to legal medical marijuana dispensaries for well over a decade. With States now turning to recreational legalization we can expect to see recreational cannabis clubs also start popping up all over the scene.
  • What about Medical Marijuana – Time and time again we get asked about what will happen to the medical marijuana industry under a legalized system. Will medical marijuana dispensaries cease to exist? The answer is no. There is no reason to believe that the need for Medical Marijuana dispensaries to stop having business under a recreational marijuana model simply because these establishments would have to evolve under the system. In fact while some might fail, others will become specialized organic cannabis based medicine dispensaries catered to suit specific diseases and conditions. You might even see health clinics and treatment centers appear due to a more relaxed political environment. The medicinal marijuana market is massive and as long as there are sick people to heal, there is no reason to believe that the market will get any smaller.
  • Dispensaries to Pot Clubs – Some dispensaries will eventually fail due to the lack of innovation within the medical field. Is this a bad thing? Not at all! As each respective cannabis market specializes, competition will eventually become stricter. This will mean that cannabis prices will have to become competitive and services will have to improve. Medicine will become specialized medicine and recreation will become optimized recreation. Colorado is already experimenting with cannabis clubs and eventually will find a business model that works for all parties involved. When you read titles about “First Marijuana Club in Colorado already closed”, don’t buy into the hype. It’s irrational to think that the first cannabis related businesses will automatically fly, it will take some trial and error before we see the first workable model.
For those of you fearing the closing of your favorite medical marijuana dispensary, don’t. As the years go by you’ll only see better and more powerful medicine to assist you in your time of needs. And if you’re interested in blowing off some steam, cannabis bars, café’s and clubs are on its way to America
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