Dispensaries will become an Economic Boom

Let’s face it; people in the US love their weed. The United States is the number one consumer of marijuana in the world. How people can think that marijuana dispensaries won’t make money is beyond reasoning. In California the average dispensary can generate anywhere between $60k-$100k per month depending on location and regulation. Obviously the current price of marijuana is still high due to prohibition, but as this changes so will the market prices.
  • Dispensaries and Monopolies – Currently Medical Marijuana dispensaries have a nice monopoly over the marijuana market. A lot of them are opposed to full scale legalization. I however believe that the cannabis market is big enough for everybody to get a chunk. Yes recreational dispensaries might “out do” a medical dispensary in terms of sales, but customer loyalty to a medical cannabis dispensary might be higher in the long run. In other words you might get more return customers due to their illnesses.
  • Future Marijuana dispensaries – Expect to be surprised by the marijuana market. People are speculating, people are plotting but the fact of the matter is that we don’t know what’s going to happen. One thing is sure, future dispensaries will have a wide selection of cannabis from low range in potency and quality. Some people will have preference to certain establishments due to their strains while others will settle for price. The bottom line is that there will be enough customers for everyone.
  • What about the price of bud? – Some experts think that the price of marijuana will drop about 80% post legalization. This means if you pay $200 an ounce expect to be paying around the $40-$50 dollar margin post legalization. This would be your average high end bud, the premium buds will still be in the $100-$200 margin depending on the “brand”.
Dispensaries might become the backbone of the American economy until the Hemp industry picks up. It could be the transitional business for the new American economy. Cannabis was always meant to be the number one source for the US; it already does better than corn. Just think about it.
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