Dispensaries could Kick Start US economy

Dispensaries Kick Start Economy
We know that the US economy has been suffering of late. The government is supporting multiple wars, incarcerating hundreds of thousands and bailing out the rich. Dispensaries could be the way for the “Average Joe” to get his second wind. Obviously the market is still “high risk” but as political controversy subsides we could see a new economic revolution on our hands. Dispensaries and the Average Joe Marijuana cultivation can get tricky but it’s not rocket science. Currently the Medical marijuana industry provides millions of dollars in tax revenue and if the US decides to legalize marijuana nationally we could be looking at a new billion dollar industry. Anybody can really grow marijuana, harvest, and cure it and sell it. In fact marijuana sells itself; you don’t really have to do much to move the product. This means that you don’t need a college degree, connections or anything. Simply you would need a green thumb and a market to sell with. Dispensaries would evolve Dispensaries would eventually become café’s, restaurants, comedy halls and much more. Cannabis friendly establishments already are already an option for Colorado and Washington and under full scale legalization chains of these establishments might pop up. This new market will provide new opportunities from growing to retail and this doesn’t even include industrial hemp. In 1930 Popular Mechanics declared Hemp the billion dollar crop and with today’s technology could be the answer to the ecological and economic crises the country is facing. The Future of Cannabis No matter what they claim, marijuana will be legal within the next 15 years. The West coast will be legal within the next two to four years while the rest of the country will take its time. Uruguay and many Latin American countries are also ready for legalization, so the future of dispensaries are getting brighter daily. Dispensaries are something that currently might be a “high risk” business but eventually it could be a major contributor to the US economy and could once more make the US become a world power of its former glory. 
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