When Dispensaries Fight back

Dispensaries Fight Back
From the Nazi like propaganda and militaristic law enforcement tactics in relation to marijuana it is quite a breath of fresh air when dispensaries and cannabis activists fight back. Earlier this month, we heard about a Colorado grower suing the Police department for $220,000 USD for ruined marijuana plants and now one of the biggest dispensaries in the world going toe to toe with the Federal government.
  • What has Changed? – How is it that suddenly people involved with marijuana can stand up legally and challenge the same authorities trying to ruin them? Isn't the entire purpose of life to eradicate any stimuli other than what Big Pharma and the FDA dictate to consume and to ostracize anyone who thinks differently than you? Isn't “this” what has been taught to us, in our schools and promoted through the media for more than seventy years? The answer is simple; yes! But the one thing that has changed since then was the introduction of the internet. Knowledge was handed to the average person and suddenly you didn’t have to listen to the mainstream anymore.
  • People started thinking – All of a sudden marijuana myths are placed on the same level as the Salem witch hunts or the irrational paranoia of “they hate us because of our freedom”.  Suddenly the veil of induced ignorance was lifted and pathological evidence arose proving that the official marijuana dogma of the federal government was so far removed from the truth that it almost seemed unreal and incredibly sensationalist. But when enough people became aware of the lie it began losing its tight grip of control and oppression. Now dispensaries and cannabis activists can come together and know that more than half of the nation is standing strong and screaming in unison to liberate cannabis.
The DEA, Big Pharma and the rest of the law makers have been oppressing legal establishments, dispensaries, patients and recreational users for too long. Now we have surpassed the 50% marker, we are the many and they are the few. It’s time for science and reason to trump over superstition and fiction based morality.
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