Dispensary – The New American Dream?

Marijuana Dispensary
A marijuana dispensary might seem like rough waters right now, but as political paradigm continues to shift we can expect to see the perception surrounding these types of businesses change. And as other people begin to see how much money dispensary owners make under less regulation yet still within a regulated market; a new gold rush will occur.
  • Money to be made -  The medical marijuana industry generates millions of dollars in taxes for local state governments and a decent salary for dispensary operators. The only real risk currently is the Federal government closing down the operations, but other than that, marijuana dispensaries are cash cows.
  • Risks – Yes there are risks when opening marijuana dispensaries. Currently prohibition is the biggest risk but that will change. Medbox is a company that fabricates medical marijuana dispenser and last week they shot to a record high in their stocks. The company’s stocks were at $4 and within one day shot up to $200+ USD per stock. It eventually settled roughly in the $100 dollar margin. Even though currently there are risks involved, this massive stock boost shows us that the entire industry will become public in some time.
  • Rewards – Other than the fact that you can now actually make a living and be a productive part of society makes marijuana dispensaries a stellar idea. You also are creating a supply of necessary medicine to sick and dying people. Even in a recreational market you’d be supplying a safer alternative to alcohol. This war for personal freedom is coming to an end, and it seems that freedom is still the popular choice.
A Marijuana dispensary might seem like risky business now, but in the future you can expect to see marijuana dispensaries popping up all over. Of course it will still be regulated but the access for adults will be much simpler. You won’t have to jump through hoops and fear the risk of jail time because you chased a dream, perhaps the new American dream. America is all about innovating markets and creating a supply to a demand. Well with millions of “cannabites” all over the US, a marijuana dispensary might very well be the next image of the American Dream!
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