Dispensary to open in DC

Dispensary in DC
Well folks it’s definitely been a long time coming but it seems that DC’s first marijuana dispensary might be opening in the next few months. Medical marijuana has been made legal in DC since 2009 but only in the early stages of 2013 will the citizens have access to legal marijuana. The Holistic Remedies Dispensary So the first official words are that this specific dispensary will be able to produce 95 plants per crop cycle. Once the harvest is completed the establishment would be allowed to initiate their second cycle of growing. It takes roughly 60 days for a full crop cycle to be completed which means annually they would be able to produce something like 4 complete cycles throughout a year. More dispensaries on the horizon This isn’t the only dispensary we would be able to see open in 2013. There are nine more dispensaries scheduled for opening with respective growing centers. The health department is scrutinizing every aspect of the dispensaries that are to open in order to provide clear cut regulations for the medical marijuana market. DC Dispensary Contradiction It still amazes me to think that in DC they would have marijuana dispensaries and still uphold the idea that marijuana holds no medicinal value. It almost feels like a cold hard slap in the face of every American seeing that in the same district where medical marijuana is legal, sit the people who enforce the drug war. One could imagine that pretty soon you’ll have the Drug Czar and his war buddies head over to dispensaries to obtain their marijuana for all the stress and anxiety caused by the Drug war. On one hand it is very good that medical marijuana dispensaries are coming to DC. It goes to show that when a group of individuals come together to fight for something they believe in that there is nothing that can stand in their way. On the other hand the dispensary simply promotes the blatant hypocrisy of the US Federal government. We’re happy that patients will get the relief they so desperately need yet we are angry that the government, despite dispensaries in their back yards, can still claim that Marijuana holds no medical value.
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