Dispensary Opens in New Jersey

Green Leaf dispensary in New Jersey
Finally after a long wait New Jersey officially joins the dispensary world. The very first ever dispensary is called “Green Leaf Compassion Center” and is run by an ex-cop. New Jersey will only have a limited amount of dispensaries operating and people living closest to these dispensaries can have the opportunity to get their medical marijuana card.
  • Green Leaf Dispensary very professional – Obviously with being the very first legal establishment there was quite a lot of news buzz happening. Many patients didn't want to comment and based on the federal government’s response to medical growers and patients, they had a good mind not to. Some patients however did comment on the fact that the treatment was very professional and that they were ecstatic about being able to purchase marijuana to ease their pain and other conditions.
  • More dispensaries to come – As was mentioned New Jersey will only allow a limited amount of dispensaries to operate for the time being. Depending on what occurs with the current permitted amount and the response of the local population (which currently seems very enthusiastic) more dispensaries might be allowed to operate in the future.
  • Security – Green Leaf dispensary does have a security officer outside that will card you. Be sure to bring your medical marijuana card and another form of identification as well. You will then be stopped again by the receptionist to re-verify your cards. Once everything checks out you’ll be sent to the back to discuss your condition and which strain would best benefit your illness. The cannabis is dispensed in a plastic bag in smoke-able form and contains a bar code to track the inventory.
Medical Marijuana is on a path of re-legalization. People will opt in for a medical marijuana system prior to a recreational marijuana system and for good reason, it works. This isn't to say that recreational marijuana doesn't work either, but there is definite evidence that suggest that people suffering from diseases and atrocious conditions do benefit from marijuana. This is the first Dispensary in New Jersey; a few more will be popping up in the near future.
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