Does the Federal Government Really Believe that Marijuana has no Medical Value?

prohibition75yrs 300x210 Does the Federal Government Really Believe that Marijuana has no Medical Value?According the Federal Government Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug which means that they believe that it has “no accepted Medical uses” and a “high potential for abuse”. But the question on everyone’s mind is; “Do they really believe this?” The short answer is No! In fact, the United States have been exercising the persecution of Marijuana for the last 30 years as a complete hypocritical stance on their own policies. How you ask? Allow me to explain. In 1976 a man by the name of Robert Randall was prosecuted for growing Marijuana in his house. For more information about the case you can research (Randall vs. U.S). Randal was diagnosed with Glaucoma and was slowly going blind. After he found out that Marijuana can slow it down and in some cases cure Glaucoma he decided to start growing his medication. After he was arrested and brought in front of a Federal Judge Randall argued; “Any sane man would break the law to save his own sight.” He used the Common Law Doctrine of Necessity to argue the charges against his marijuana cultivation and after a long consideration the Federal Judge James Washington Ruled; “While blindness was shown by competent medical testimony to be the otherwise inevitable result of the defendant's disease, no adverse effects from the smoking of marijuana have been demonstrated. Medical evidence suggests that the medical prohibition is not well-founded.” Since then the Compassionate IND was established where a few selected patients receive Medical Marijuana grown in the University of Mississippi. Currently there are only four surviving members of the program but none the less, for the past 36 years the Federal Government has supplied Medical Marijuana to patients while arresting other people for the exact same practice. Despite this blatant hypocrisy the Federal Government continued to arrest millions of Americans, closed down hundreds of legal Marijuana Dispensaries and in some cases even allowed sick patients to die while in Federal custody. It’s time that the US people realize that Marijuana is accepted for Medicinal uses, it’s time that we realize that it is our right to Medicate and cure our own diseases. We do not need to take the synthetic pills produced by Big Pharma, we have the ability to take care of ourselves. I urge smokers, patients, tokers, growers, freedom loving individuals to spread the word and make known that the Federal Prohibition of Marijuana is nothing but a massive hypocritical practice of Greed and Power and that it’s time to end it right now!   It’s time to take our Freedom back into our own hands! We can do it; this year is the beginning of the end of the Federal Prohibition of Marijuana!
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