Double-Dutch Marijuana Strain

doubledutch marijuana strain
This Indica dominant marijuana strain  is the perfect companion for small spaces. It is incredibly versatile in terms of mediums but hydroponics is recommended if yield is the most important factor.  Due to the nature of the plant a hydroponic system will also allow you to control the growth of the Double Dutch to be most efficient. You can expect a strong scent when you begin to flower and it will only get smellier. The taste of this marijuana strain resembles a wild fruity sensation. The effect of smoking the strain is very strong and will affect both your mind and body alike. This is a great strain for pain relief, muscle spasms, anxiety, depression and rest. If you were to eat the bud in a cookie or brownie it will induce acute pain relief and most probably motivate the patient to sleep, which is essential to the healing process. This marijuana strain is also a very good candidate for making essential hemp oils which can be used to cure cancer. Glaucoma, regulate diabetes and strengthen the immune system. If you would like to know how to make essential hemp oils or find out anything relating to growing, cultivating, harvesting cannabis or would like to know information on where you can obtain your very own marijuana card, please get in touch with us and we’ll direct you in the right direction. Marijuana Doctors 411 aims to provide an integral knowledgebase on everything related to Medical Marijuana. 234x60 Double Dutch Marijuana Strain
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