Why the Federal Government is Against Marijuana Medical Treatments

Medical Marijuana Activists Protest Recent Raid On Northern CA Pot Farm
It has been known for hundreds of years that marijuana has numerous medical uses, and many of the conditions that can be treated with marijuana are treated with it in the states where it is legal today.  The most common conditions treated with marijuana are ones that cause a significant amount of discomfort for the sufferer, such as cancer, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis, but minor conditions are treated with the drug as well.  But even though such treatments are legal in almost half of the states in the U.S., they are still illegal under federal law.  Nobody but the federal government knows their true definitive reason for being so against the use of cannabis to treat medical conditions, but we could speculate that it has a lot to do with money. The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars each year essentially acting as dealers to sick people who often either get addicted to the medications prescribed to them, or end up being worse off health wise after taking them.  But still the federal government chooses to attack much less harmful marijuana medical treatment providers, rather than addressing the risks associated with so many pharmaceuticals.  And because so much of the way the federal government thinks has to do with money, we can only assume that this is the case in this situation. The money that will be lost by the pharmaceutical companies is not the only money that will be lost if marijuana medical treatments were to be legalized by the federal government.  Even more money would be lost by the justice system that serves to protect the public from those “violent” medical marijuana users.  Even in states where medical marijuana is legal, the federal government is going in and harassing many of those involved in selling, buying, and/or using it.  And you can be sure that they bring in a significant amount of money from fining people who are just trying to utilize what should be one of their inalienable rights, to attain or provide relief from debilitating conditions anyway they know how.  This is why until they figure out exactly how money can be made by legalizing it, the federal government is unlikely to change their minds about marijuana medical treatments, but rest assured, marijuana will be legal for these purposes and more.
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