Five Awesome Marijuana Strains

MEDICAL MARIJUANA WHITE WIDOWBLUE BERRY CHEESE Five Awesome Marijuana StrainsSome people think that marijuana is marijuana, and have little knowledge about the different varieties that there are to choose from.  But putting all marijuana strains in one category is not very fair because one can greatly differ from the next, as the more seasoned pot smokers surely know.  And although nobody really knows what natural elements are put to work in order to make one strain so much better than another, in the pot community it is definitely not something that you will hear anybody complain about.  But for those that do not have extensive knowledge on marijuana strains it will help to have a few of the best pinpointed before its time to go score another bag.
  • AK-47 – This is one of the favorite marijuana strains of seasoned pot smokers, and one that many newbies have even heard of, as it is extremely popular and common.  This particular strain is characterized by a bright green color and pungent odor.  Not only is AK-47 easy to grow but it doesn’t take much to catch a buzz either.
  • Sour Diesel – Sour Diesel is a fairly modern favorite but it is quickly gaining popularity.  This awesome strain is instantly recognizable due to its orange leaves distributed throughout the bright green buds and the wonderful citrusy smell.  Best of all, though, is the long lasting intense buzz that comes along with it.
  • Purple Haze – Purple Haze is not characterized by a purple coloring but it will definitely put you in a haze (a good haze of course).  These pale green buds are threaded with orange hairs and carry a sweet grapefruit-like scent.  The long lasting head buzz is what really makes it worth smoking though.
  • Hindu Kush – When you get your hands on some Hindu Kush the first thing you will notice is that classic piney smell.  The coloring of the buds is nothing really special, your typical green with orange hairs, but the buzz kicks in quick and will last for a while.
  • Pineapple Express – Although Pineapple Express made its debut in the movie of the same name, it is a real life strain as well.  Considered one of the most potent modern marijuana strains, it is also known for its tasty pineapple flavor and its sweet lifesaver-like smell.
There are literally hundreds of marijuana strains to choose from, but these five are definitely ones that should be added to your marijuana bucket list for sure
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