Ms. Bondi and Florida Cannabis Laws

Florida Cannabis Laws
For those of us who may not have had the pleasure to visit our sunshine state, it is a getaway for spring breakers and ailing retirees alike. They have petitioned to change in their Florida Cannabis Laws and I am not referring to the spring breakers. A flop for Ms. Bondi: According to NORML, they receive the most requests from Florida residents to reform medicinal marijuana than any other state. Florida Attorney General Pamela Bondi’s was recently petitioned by her constituents to decriminalize the use of medicinal marijuana. In a response from her aid, Edward Tellechea, Ms. Bondi’s simple response was a resounding “no”, stating that: ”The Attorney General does not believe that it is in the best interest of the public for her to use her authority to temporarily reschedule cannabis, particularly given the legislative preference for uniformity with federal drug laws and the fact that cannabis remains a Schedule I drug under federal law.” She states this despite the petition of several ailing patients and throughout the community. This comes as a particular surprise to the residents of Florida as it is one of the most influential political bellwether states as they have a heavy voting population. Votes: The people have the option to vote out Ms. Bondi in future upcoming elections, but in the mean time, have to deal with her “lack of response” to this pressing issue. Florida has a rather large community of ailing retirees that can really use a new option to prescription medications and medicinal cannabis can offer that if its decriminalization were to take effect. Changing cannabis law has been a long uphill battle for many years, and will continue to be so for years to come. Florida Cannabis Law will be no different, but other states have already made positive steps in the right direction to get the proverbial ball rolling.    
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