G-13 Cannabis Strain

G-13 Marijuana Strain
The G-13 Cannabis Strain was an Indica strain of vast curiosity to me as I had heard so much hoopla about its origins. So, the story goes that a number of agents from differing agencies (CIA, FBI,etc.) gathered all of the best strains from the best growers sometime in the sixties. The urban legend states that of the strains gathered, G-13 was born and an unknown technician was able to sneak out a single cutting of the plant and since then has been known as one of the more elite cannabis strains. Origins and growth: This particular strain seems to have its roots in the U.S. and a number of stories surround its origin. Some say a clipping of the plant was stolen from a government lab, while others regale themselves with more plausible stories that the strain more than likely came from Mexico or Afghanistan: whichever story you decide to believe is up to you.  Flowering takes approximately eleven to fourteen weeks and harvest is generally done in November if grown outdoors. Appearance: Has been a bit disappointing to some growers as the buds are not very big, but does produce heavy trichomes and resinous buds. The smell is VERY potent “family of skunks”, and some say, is not worth the effort for smaller yield production. Medical Effects and Suggested Use: G-13 Cannabis Strain has been known to help patients with stress , anxiety, pain, and insomnia, and is particularly helpful in stimulating appetite in AIDS and Cancer patients.  It  often makes a user feel bouts of euphoria and happiness that lead to feeling of feeling uplifted and creative. Some users feel lazy after the effects have begun to wear off. Dry eyes and mouth, dizziness, and paranoia have been reported. With a great cloud of mystery surrounding its origin, the G-13 Cannabis Strain has become another one of the quickly disappearing strands that has the possibility of not existing ten years from now. Its male no longer exists, as the current strand has depended on female clippings from the last several years.
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