Get Medical Marijuana Legally or Pay the Price

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While many of us believe that medical marijuana should be legal in every state, and in 18 of them it is, there are still consequences to be paid if the strict rules that mandate medical marijuana use and possession are not followed.  Once the documentation necessary to legally obtain and use medical marijuana is secured the rest is very simple, but without that documentation you could bring a whole lot of trouble upon yourself.  The rules that apply to getting caught with illegal medical marijuana vary from state to state.  There are a few common consequences that you could end up paying if you do decide to get medical marijuana illegally, though.
  • Fines – The most common consequence that you could pay if you get medical marijuana illegally a fine.  Fines can be pretty hefty but a fine is certainly better than jail time.  In states that have not legalized medical marijuana at all you would be lucky to get out with just a fine, and if you do it will likely be much larger than if you were caught in a medical marijuana state.
  • License Suspension – Some states punish illegal possession of medical marijuana by suspending the license of the offender.  This may seem like a small price to pay for walking around with some of the best but on the planet, but losing your license for any amount of time is a hassle you don’t want to deal with.  This form of punishment is most often handed out when someone is caught with illegal medical marijuana in their vehicle.
  • Jail Time – Depending on the amount of medical marijuana that someone is illegally caught with it could mean jail time.  This is particularly so in states that have not yet legalized marijuana for medical use at all.  The length of jail time will depend on how much illegal medical marijuana you are carrying, whether you have intent to sell, and whether you cultivated the marijuana yourself, as cultivating will be rewarded with a much harsher penalty.
Anybody who needs medical marijuana should have access to it, but not everybody does.  Work to change the laws rather than get medical marijuana illegally and have to pay the penalties. 234x60 Get Medical Marijuana Legally or Pay the Price

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