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Marijuana has been made legal in the United States since 1996 although exclusively for Medical purposes. This also only occurred in California in the above mentioned year, but since then 18 other States have opted in for similar programs. Under medical marijuana programs a patient can obtain a marijuana card if he or she can obtain a medical marijuana doctor to write a recommendation for the use. In California a patient only needs to obtain some benefit from marijuana to be eligible. Marijuana Doctors 411 is currently monitoring all marijuana doctors in “city” California in order to provide you the user with and up to date and efficient directory. Though there are similar directories on the Internet you’ll find them to be outdated and inaccurate. We hand select the listings in our premium directory and only provide trustworthy sources. We understand that this will take some time to complete and thus encourage you to sign up to our newsletter for periodic updates on marijuana doctors in Fresno California. In addition to receiving “city” marijuana doctors updates you will also receive stellar growing tips, recipes on consuming medical marijuana and exclusive discount deals from our affiliates. Get all of this right now by signing up to our newsletter. Marijuana Doctors 411 believes in your rights as a patient and will do what we can to assist you provide the relief a medical patient deserves.

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