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Below you can see an exclusive peak inside the office: As you can see the environment at Greenfield is quite spectacular along with the exceptional care and attention to the visiting patients.


Greenfield caters to a growing demand for medical marijuana cards in Riverside and its surrounding areas by offering a high end organic solution to several medical conditions. In addition to providing the highest possible medical care a clinic could offer, they also do so at a bargain price making Greenfield a phenomenal choice in finding a Marijuana Doctor in Riverside California.

If you're looking for top-notch service at a very competitive price you've come to the right place. Greenfield is a highly esteemed medical marijuana establishment within the Riverside area and has a long standing reputation for optimal service and efficient processes. Get your consultation scheduled today and gain instant access to medicinal marijuana!

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Dr. John Ogai, M.D. Dr. G. Forest Landman, D.O.

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Dr. John Ogai graduated from The University of Hawaii School of Medicine in 1991. He has worked as a Board Certified Pain Medicine Specialist, and Board Certified Anesthesiologist in a vast number of Specialty Practices since then.Dr. Landman Cropped 3 Greenfield   Alternative Medical Evaluations

Dr. G. Forest Landman graduated from the University of Michigan State College of Osteopathic Medicine in 1978, and has also worked in a vast number of Specialty Practices since then. And both of our Doctors at Greenfield A.M.E. believe very strongly that patients who require alternative pain management options should always have them, regardless of antiquated federal laws.

  Reception 1 Greenfield   Alternative Medical EvaluationsMost everyone has heard by now about the Supreme Court Decision of Monday, May 6th regarding the sale, cultivation and distribution of Medical Marijuana in the city of Riverside, California, and we at Greenfield A.M.E. wanted to take a moment to address this issue with our current and future patients. Please understand that in NO WAY does this affect the validity of your Medical Marijuana License that you were issued at Greenfield A.M.E., and that our patients are still in complete adherence to the law, as this ruling only affects those that are growing and selling Marijuana, and in no way impacts our patients ability to purchase, use, or carry Medical Marijuana. And furthermore, we will always work to ensure that our patients will always have a safe and secure place to purchase their medication, and we are currently speaking with Lakeview Collective, and several local Dispensaries that have plans in the works to continue to offer our patients access to a legal way to purchase their medication. So, please do feel very confident in scheduling your appointment with us, as we truly will always work to ensure that our patients are in complete compliance with all applicable laws. And please feel free to call us if you have any questions.Hallway Greenfield   Alternative Medical Evaluations Greenfield A.M.E. is very proud to set ourselves apart from the vast majority of other lower cost medical marijuana evaluations centers. We simply strive to provide qualified patients that truly have the need for medical marijuana with the lowest possible pricing structures. We ARE NOT however a discounted, low-cost, low-quality clinic. We are a fully functional Pain Management Physician’s Office, which focuses on Alternative Pain Management, and therefore is able to write our patients who qualify evaluations for medical marijuana.  



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Website: Greenfield Official Website Email: Phone: (951) 206-8600 Facebook: Greenfield Official Facebook

 Below you can see an exclusive peak inside the office: As you can see the environment at Greenfield is quite spectacular along with the exceptional care and attention to the visiting patients.

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And now, we at Greenfield A.M.E. are very happy to announce that our Double Board Certified Pain Management Specialist, Dr. John Ogai, will now be seeing our Patients for Pain Management Consults, at the rate of only $40 for 15 minute appointment increments, or $75 for 30 minute appointment increments.

And believe us when we state that there truly is no better Doctor for this cause, as Dr. Ogai has faithfully spent the past 22 years pursing the Specialty of Pain Management. And during the interview process with many of our Patients, has already spotted many of our Patients whose pain management needs are simply not being handled well. Greenfield Front of Business 1 Greenfield   Alternative Medical Evaluations So, if you feel that we can help you in any way in this regard, or if you are simply in need of a consultation and prescription for Pain Management Medications written by Dr. Ogai; please do feel free to contact us further to set up an appointment, or ask us any questions that you may have. We would love to be able to help you however we can, as great Patient care is truly now, and always will be our number one priority at Greenfield.


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