Best 420 Care Center | Sacramento CA

banner1 Best 420 Care Center | Sacramento CA   Recently, medical marijuana has been proven to be effective in treating many conditions that greatly reduce quality of life. If you suffer from any of these, a medical cannabis recommendation from Best 420 Care Center may be in order. For your evaluation, you will need to bring a valid CA driver’s license or state-issued ID. If you cannot provide either, we will also accept proof of residence such as government-issued correspondance or a current utility bill and a photo ID in the form of an out of state ID, school ID, green card, or passport. To make the process easier, you are also encouraged to provide your medical records. After a brief examination and consultation, patients are usually in and out in less than 30 minutes. Schedule an appointment today with knowlegable and courteous care professionals for fast and friendly service! No fees are required up front; if you are denied a medical marijuana reccomendation, your visit will cost you nothing. Any information provided will be protected by doctor-patient confidentiality. 936 Enterprise Drive Sacramento, CA 95825 Availability: M-F 11am to 6 pm Saturday: 11am to 6 pm Sunday: 12:00pm to 5 pm Website: Email: Phone: 926.484.1200 Fax: 916.484.1211 View Larger Map