Glass Slipper

Today we are taking a look at the Sativa dominant Glass Slipper cannabis strain. A mix of Pineapple 99 and Cinderella 99, its pedigree is of epic proportions with THC levels that test between 20% and 23% Origin and Growth- this strain is of Dutch origin and was originally conceived when the Dutch grower had an American strain to experiment with. The hybrid allows the plant supply heavier yields, tight dense buds, high potency and the combination of DNA makes the plant very hearty and virtually disease resistant. Flowering time is approximately 55-65 days and yields approximately 400-600g/ 1000W (I am assuming it is /m2, although these yields seem very high). This is an interesting Sativa hybrid as it grows as if were predominately Indica with a much more compact and squat structure. The Senses- large creamy orange colored nugs are to be expected with a round top. Pungent fruit and floral notes, there are also notes of sweetness lurking below. This will definitely stink up your room as its pungent aroma dominates.  Tastes slightly sweet with a slight spicy background on the inhale and a more Kush influenced on the exhale. Medical use and Effect- Glass slipper is an excellently balancedstrain that shows the potential to be used as an all-day medication, although it may knock your legs out from under you, depending on your tolerance. Its ability to affect the head and eyes gives way to help alleviate ocular issues and migraine headache patients. Furthermore, it also helps improve mood and doesn’t riddle the user with the anxiety that is brought on by pure Sativa strains. Glass Slipper is an excellently balanced hybrid that is most certainly a fan favorite. Although hard hitting at first, Glass Slipper gives the user balanced high that is sure to not disappoint. 234x60 Glass Slipper
Glass Slipper 4.00/5 (80.00%) 1 vote