This indoor Indica is incredibly versatile in terms of grow medium. It easily adapts to hydroponic systems and grows very comfortably in soil. Grand Daddy purple will produce a short bushy plant with thick leaves as is the nature of all Indica. If you were to decide to grow the strain outdoors you can expect heights of up to eight feet. Indoor operations will yield about three foot crops but where the plant lacks in stature it makes up for in bud density. This plant is perfect for patients with limited space in their house or apartment and requires a very basic grow room or grow box. The plant is very easy to manage throughout its grow cycle and prefers cooler temperatures (70-80 F). Granddaddy purple requires a lot of water throughout its life cycle and due to its high resin output can be a haven for pests. In the case of pests there are several organic pesticides that you can use, if not refer to natural pest control methods such as using garlic in tonic water and so forth. Granddaddy purple is best used to control anxiety disorders, stress, pain and similar symptoms and generally promotes rest within the patient which is essential for the healing process. Due to the high resin output this strain is a perfect candidate for essential hemp oil.   For any information or questions relating to cannabis, you can search our Marijuana Knowledge base for tutorials on preparation of natural pesticides, building grow rooms, cultivating marijuana, harvesting, curing, where to find dispensaries in your state, how to get a marijuana card and much more. If you cannot find the specific information you are looking for you can join our forums, active Facebook community page or contact us directly.
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