Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain

Grand Daddy Purple Strain
Origin and growth: The Grand Daddy Purple, or GDP, is a very potent Indica strain. This strain gives a piney and “dank” smell. The Granddaddy Purple strain is the mass produced version of Purple Urkel. It is attained by cross breeding with the Big Bud strain (also an Indica strain), which is known to produce mass quantities of bud with a lower THC count. Granddaddy purple grows squat and fat leaflets, as do many other Indica strains, and is a hardy grower, for either indoor or outdoor growing. It is not a good candidate for the “sea of green” set up, because of the size of its leaflets at maturity. However, leave the GDP to do its thing in a small indoor setup and it can yield results of .5 ounces to 3.5 ounces and upwards of 8 ounces to 5 pounds outdoors. Appearance: The patient can expect to see orange and purple hairs growing atop green bud nuggets. Medicinal Effects and suggested use: The patient can expect a number of different effects from this particular strain and is chiefly used to help patients with stress, pains, insomnia, anxiety, and to help cancer patients with their lack of appetite, due to chemotherapy.  It is also helpful for patients that are susceptible to migraines, headache, depression, chronic pain, and any users who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. This particular strain is to be used primarily at home, as it can also make the user feel lazy and sleepy. The negative to this strain, however, is that it causes dry mouth, dry eyes, dizziness, anxiety, and bouts of paranoia, making it all the more appropriate for it to be used in the privacy of one’s home. Grand Daddy Purple has received mass kudos from patients and growers alike. With its ability to give the user a great “body” high, and its very hardy ability to grow in any medium, Granddaddy Purple may be a great strain to test for patients and growers alike. 234x60 Grand Daddy Purple Marijuana Strain
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