How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 1- Selecting the Right Cutting

How to grow marijuana with clones with cuttings
In the last installment of this series, I gave a general overview of how to grow medical marijuana with cuttings. This post will cover the selection and planting of cuttings in peat pellets for a soil grow; I will go over different growing media in future posts. To start, gather a pair of contaminant-free pruners, a glass of distilled water, a tray of peat pellets moistened with distilled water, and rooting compound. To keep things economy-friendly, you can use honey. Young clones are very vulnerable to disease while they are producing new roots, so take care not to contaminate your plants or equipment. Cutting Illustration How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 1  Selecting the Right Cutting
  1.   Starting at any growing tip, preferably on the lower branches of the plant, and go about 4-5 nodes back to make your cut, depending on your plant’s vigor. Be comfortable with your pruners; while cuttings will fail if they are too big, they still have to be big enough to survive rooting. Your cut should be just below the node, and it should run diagonally along the stem to minimize healing times.The illustration on the right depicts a good-looking cutting.
  2. Place the cut end of the clone under water IMMEDIATELY; if oxygen gets into the circulatory system of the plant it could cause an embolism and kill your cutting.
  3. Clean up the site of the cut by removing the naked stem from the mother plant, cutting about ¼ inch above the highest node.
  4. Remove the leaves from the last two nodes and cut off the outer half of all of the larger fan leaves to minimize respiration and make rooting much easier for the plant.
  5. Poke a hole in the center of a moistened peat pellet with a pencil.  Dip the bottom node in honey and plant in the pellet. If it seems unsteady, you can tie it to a small stake until it establishes roots.
  6. Make sure your pellets are moist bout not soggy, and leave between 1/4 and 1/8 inch of water in your tray. Prop the tray so that one side is open about 1/4 to 1/2 an inch to prevent molding by keeping the humidity relatively low.
The only thing left to do is let them grow. Check back often or sign up for MD411 email alerts to get updates for articles about how to grow medical marijuana, current news, State regulations, and more. 234x60 How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 1  Selecting the Right Cutting
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