How to Grow Medical Marijuana: Cloning with Cuttings Part 2- Caring for New Cuttings

How to Grow Medical Marijuana Cloning Tray
In the last installment of the “how to grow medical marijuana with cuttings” series, we went over cutting selection and establishment. Before we move on, I should make a clarification. Years ago in my early research, I read that the humidity in a cutting container should not exceed 95% to control mold growth, but recent findings suggest that other conditions are more effective mold controls such as air circulation and overall container cleanliness. Humidity levels should therefore be maintained in the upper 90th percent range. When a cutting is growing new roots, the high humidity slows transpiration so the cuttings can more easily maintain proper hydration while suitable root systems develop. That said, there are some additional considerations for your cutting container. Air and growing medium temperature should be kept at 70° and 75°, respectively, and the plants need to be getting at least 16 hours of light per day. I found an 18/6 cycle to work well for me, but the preference is really up to the plant, so as a rule of thumb just go with what the mother plant tolerates well. For circulation, have a fan blow just past an open space of your container to provide some passive circulation. Do not point your fans directly at the clones, as this will cause them to dry out and fail. Your plants should take around 2 weeks to establish roots systems suitable for transplanting, but keep an eye on your pellets. When you notice root growth emerging from the pellet, it is safe to plant them in new containers under normal vegetative growth conditions. Peat pellets can be planted straight into soil, but if you prefer, you can score or even remove their fiber coatings prior to planting. In doing this, take care to not harm the young root system to keep your plant as happy and healthy as possible. No matter what you decide to use as a container, make sure light cannot penetrate it. While the rest of the plant loves light, the roots are destroyed by it, so a lightproof container is necessary if a cover is not used. Before beginning any cannabis-growing project, check marijuana regulations in your state. This article is intended for informational purposes regarding how to grow medical marijuana only. MD411 does not endorse or recommend unlawful acts, and individuals assume all risk for any such action.
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