How to Grow Medical Marijuana: An Introduction to Cloning with Cuttings

How to grow medical marijuana with clones.
  When somebody asks how to grow medical marijuana, a number of topics could come up. Advice can be related to many fields: lighting, growing mediums, nutrition, or pest control, among many other things. Today I will tell you a bit about propagating your cannabis plants with cuttings. If you grow your own medical cannabis and one of your female plants seems to be unusually vigorous, taking a few cuttings and rooting a few clones can be of great benefit to you if you have another area set aside for flowering. Before you send your healthy plant to flower, take a few cuttings and propagate your plant, then you can harvest crop after crop of genetically identical cannabis plants. This can accomplish three things; first, you can guarantee the sex of the plant and spend less time with sex related issues, second, you can skip through the tasks of germination and seedling care. Finally, you can maintain a steady THC level in your marijuana, since all of your crops are genetically the same plant. This makes cooking and tincture dosages much more consistent and easier to measure since you will be using the same product for any given length of time. Once you establish proper amounts for cooking, you can consistently use the same amounts to get the same results without guesswork or recalculation. Plants are biologically designed to replace lost or dying parts, so when you take a cutting, the cutting itself “wants” to grow a new root system and become a whole plant again as injury to the plant causes the production of hormones that promote root development from growth nodes. In many cases, however, the cutting does not produce enough hormones for successful root production; rooting compounds boost growth hormone levels high enough to promote root growth. Plants produced in this manner are genetically identical and are physiologically the same age as the mother plant. This series will guide you through each step of the cloning process while providing tips to ensure the best possible outcome for your harvest. By following this series, you will learn not just the basics of how to grow marijuana from cuttings, but some of the finer points to expand your knowledge on the subject and make your grow the best it can be. MD411 strives to provide sound information on cannabis-related subjects based on your questions, so feel free to leave your questions and comments.
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