Growing Marijuana in Aquaponic Systems

Aquaponic systems use a combination of fish, plants, and microbes living in symbiosis to provide vital nutrients to your cannabis, it is a highly cost-effective and sustainable way of growing marijuana. Aquaponic gardens have separate tanks for fish and plant connected by pumps and tubes. Fish live in one tank, and the solid waste they produce is pumped up through a tube to a planting tray containing vegetables. The water deposits the solid waste into the planting tray, using sand gravel, or some other material to filter solids from the water. In the planting tray, microbes break the waste down into nitrates and other compounds that are beneficial for the plants as gravity drives the freshly filtered water downwards into the lower container. There are three distinct types of aquaculture systems: deep-water culture, media bed systems, and NFT, also known as nutrient film technology. In deep-water culture, plants float in “rafts” on the top of the water, and the water is highly aerated so the roots get maximum oxygen absorption. In a media bed system, plants are planted in loose gravel or clay pellets, and water can either drain and flood or constantly flow across the media and roots. Nutrient Film Techniques typically involves pumping nutrient water up and into the planting tray and allowing it to trickle constantly past the base of the roots back into the container. The container itself contains fish, gravel and an aerator to provide a constant supply of fresh oxygen to the circulating water. Aquaculture can be very beneficial in terms of sustainability. Although the startup cost of Aquaponic projects can be high, once established, they normally cost almost nothing to operate. Another benefit from using this technique is harvesting product that is free of many synthetic chemicals and toxins. Aquaculture involves more than growing marijuana; fruits and vegetables perform very well in aquaculture. To minimize the likelihood of putting a lot of time and effort into something you do not enjoy, order a small beginner kit online or whip one up at home to make sure it is something you enjoy doing before making any large investments. Growing marijuana using an aquaponic system is quite simple once you get the basics down. It costs less than other types of growing systems, and it is an environmentally efficient producer of synthetic-free food and medicine. 234x60 Growing Marijuana in Aquaponic Systems
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