Growing Marijuana Bonsai

Growing marijuana bonsai
Many people enjoy gardening; it is reported to have therapeutic effects on mental and physical health as well. Training your cannabis plant into a bonsai is one way of growing marijuana can be both relaxing and useful for utility as well; training your plant in this manner makes it low growing and easy to conceal for those who prefer to use discretion when growing their medical marijuana. Training a marijuana plant is primarily technique-based application and requires little equipment; it is also easy enough for just about anybody to do. To begin training your bonsai, start with a young plant with a flexible stem. If you prefer, you can use a topped plant for a fork-shaped lower trunk. Simply bend the main stalk until the tip lies below growth nodes further down the stem. Try not to break the stem when bending it to prevent undue stress on the young plant. Secure it with wire while making sure to leave ample room for stem thickening. This will cause new tops to form the in the same way as low-stress training does. Either snip them off or let them grow to form a branched trunk by tying the new growth down according to how you want your bonsai to grow. As it grows, thin out any congested growth to deter pests and disease. Larger and older leaves should also be removed to allow light to reach the smaller, younger leaves. The more the plant is pruned, the thicker the trunk will become. Remember, adequate foliage is important, but too much can cause problems for your plant. The roots should also be pruned; this can easily be done when repotting your bonsai. Carefully trim the roots to keep the root system small and dense while removing roots that are tangled or damaged.  Make sure not to overwater your plant, as it can cause its roots to rot. Growing marijuana bonsai is fairly straightforward, and nearly anyone can do it. Despite its general simplicity, there are several refinements that can further improve your bonsai training skills that simply will not fit in this article. Check for upcoming posts for a more in-depth look at bonsai training as well as many other tips for growing marijuana.
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