Tips for Growing Marijuana: Maintaining Proper Humidity Levels

Growing Marijuana Humidity
If you are growing marijuana indoors, humidity and relative humidity can affect your plants in a variety of ways. If the air is too dry, your plants will transpire more and require more watering, and if the air is too moist, your plants will be at increased risk of pest attacks or disease and your roots will eventually rot, killing your plant. To keep an eye on the humidity of your indoor medical marijuana garden, you should invest in a quality hygrometer, which measures in relative humidity. Relative humidity refers to the ratio between the amount of moisture in the air and how much moisture the air can hold at a given temperature. Another good reason to monitor humidity is because cannabis plants thrive better in different humidity levels depending on which stage of their life cycle they are in. In the vegetative growth stage, humidity should be between 60-65%, and humidity should be a bit drier during flowering, usually around 50% humidity. Keeping track of this will eliminate a lot of guesswork that can really cut into flower production in the long run. How to control humidity levels: If you are having trouble with low humidity levels, you can add moisture to the room by setting out pans or buckets of water and allowing them to evaporate. You can also spray mist into the air with a spray bottle occasionally; your plants will love the extra attention while the moisture helps the foliage to stay clean from dust and debris. On the other hand, if you are happen to be dealing with excess humidity, the easiest way to dry the air is to use a room dehumidifier; simply place it around the center of your grow room and turn it on. Other options like improved ventilation and circulation can help eliminate excess moisture from the air. Growing marijuana can be very easy and rewarding when you know what to look for. While it’s not always as obvious as light and water, humidity is also very important to watch. Get the most from your indoor grow room by using these and other growing tips from MD411. Happy Growing!
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