Tips for Growing Marijuana: Odor Control

Growing Marijuana Odor Consequences
Anybody that has experience growing marijuana can tell you without a doubt that its distinctive aroma will likely be your number one problem if you are trying to cultivate a medicinal garden with discretion unless something is done about the smell. In outdoor settings, the aroma of cannabis can carry for miles to the hyper-sensitive noses of hikers, hunters, prohibitionist authorities, or even foraging wildlife like deer and rabbits, any of which could destroy your entire garden in just moments. Odor control is also very important for indoor gardens. The odor of an improperly maintained grow room will collect inside and make the contents of your garden obvious to anybody that comes close enough. Unlike cannabis plants that grow outside, you do not have the opportunity to deny ownership, or at least the cultivation of the plants. Although odor can be a serious concern, there are a few ways to make odor control much easier. The first step in good outdoor odor control is plant placement. Try to plant your cannabis in a location downwind from areas where people are often present like driveways or children’s play areas. Another good way to control the odor of an outdoor cannabis garden is to plant highly fragrant flowers and herbs like lavender, jasmine, sage, or cilantro. Aromas produced by cannabis plants vary from strain to strain, so try different combinations of complimentary plants to find the most effective cover for your particular strain or strains. The semi-closed systems of indoor and greenhouse medical marijuana gardens provide for much tighter odor control measures. Carbon filters are the most common odor controls used in indoor growing and should always be used if odor is a concern for you. They are usually integrated into the exhaust system, but stand alone filters can be placed within the grow room itself to weaken the air that enters the exhaust system, making for a much more efficient control measure. When using carbon filters, make sure to regularly replace them to keep revealing aromas at a minimum. Ozone generators are also quite effective at eliminating the scent of cannabis. Since ozone is hazardous to humans, DO NOT just set one in the middle of the room; integrate it into the exhaust along with the carbon filters. Other options like odor scrubber buckets are readily available online. Since cannabis may be illegal in your state, check your state laws to know the extent of risk involved when growing marijuana. MD411 does not encourage or endorse illegal activity, and any illegal gardening performed is at the risk of the grower.
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