Growing Marijuana with Proper Temperature and Circulation

Growing Marijuana Temperature and Circulation
When growing marijuana indoors, temperature and air circulation of your garden must be closely monitored and maintained. If left unchecked, heat, cold, or carbon dioxide deprivation can make a real mess of your medical marijuana garden. Follow these simple tips for growing marijuana effectively by maintaining proper temperature levels and air quality: Temperature affects all living things; too much or too little heat can kill your plants or any other living thing, so keep the temperature of your grow room between 72° and 76° F. Keep in mind that temperatures can differ by as much as 10° between upper and lower heights within a grow room, and plant development will suffer once the canopy of your garden reaches the levels of excessive temperature. To address this, place a thermometer at plant level and another higher up in the room, and use standard home heating and cooling equipment, just don’t use an unsafe heat source unless you want to burn up your buds prematurely. If you have any doubt about how well your plants are performing at upper-range temperatures, check the edges of the leaves. If it is too warm, the edges of the leaves will curl upwards. As far as coolness goes, keep your grow room above 60° at all times. Just like humans, plants need air to survive, so they are going to need the air around them to move so fresh CO2 can be brought in, so you are going to need a proper ventilation system with both an intake and exhaust to give a constant supply of CO2-rich air from outside. Your ventilation system should be strong enough to replace all of the air in your grow room in 5 minutes. To calculate this, measure the cubic feet of your grow then multiply that number by 5. Fans are rated in cubic feet per minute, and the rating should at least match the figure you just calculated. Different types of fans are available. Muffin (computer) fans are quiet and consume power, but you will need several for even small grows. Inline fans are installed directly into ductwork and are quite effective. Squirrel cage blowers move large amounts of air, and are well-suited for larger growing systems. Oscillating fans are an excellent way to provide circulation within your grow room. Aim them just above the canopy of your plants to provide them with the CO2 they need to live. Since cannabis may be illegal in your state, check your state laws to know the extent of risk involved when growing marijuana. MD411 does not encourage or endorse illegal activity, and any illegal gardening performed is at the risk of the grower.
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