How do you get medical marijuana legalized?

how do you get medical marijuana legalized
Many of our users always ask us “how do you get medical marijuana legalized in my state?” Whether there is no clear cut answer to how to legalize marijuana in your state, there are a few things you can do to get the ball moving.
  • “How Do you get Medical Marijuana Legalized” Step 1 – The first thing you should do is research whether there are any existing marijuana coalitions near you. See if NORML has a chapter of if there are any independent collectives working on marijuana legalization? You can do a quick Google search to see if any results pop up. If you can’t seem to find anything that is “serious enough” in your opinion it might be time to look to step 2
  • “How Do you Get Medical Marijuana Legalized” Step 2 – If there is no official place for your to go to in order to assist in legalizing cannabis in your state, you might have to think about starting your own group. You don’t need to be professional nor legally savvy but you can start with something as simple as a cannabis information group etc. The first trick is to educate the public and “undo” decades of negative programming.
  • “How do you get medical marijuana legalized” Step 3 – Now the idea is to cultivate your group no matter if you start off from 3 members big. Make newsletters, organize debates and make some noise. Eventually you’ll get people following your movement. With numbers you start gaining political power since people are also voters.
  • “How do you get medical marijuana legalized” Step 4 – Once you are gaining some momentum it’s time to team up with legal experts. You’ll need to find out how many petitions you’d need signed, what are the specifics about your state’s current marijuana laws and how many hoops you’ll have to jump through to get the attention of some big players.
Finally if you are serious about legalizing you’ll need to get involved and attract some big players. Find out who the most influential people in your community and see if they can vouch for your cause. It’s little movements like these that start up independently and eventually merge to become a force that not even the Federal Government with all its guns and DEA agents can stop.
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