How do you get medical marijuana on a tight budget?

How do you get Medical Marijuana on a tight budget?
With some states allowing the use of medical marijuana some patients are still having trouble due to a limited budget. How do you get medical marijuana when no insurance company wants to cover the costs and at times ounces could be well up into the hundreds of dollars? There are a couple of things you can do; MD411 decided to shed some light.
  • How Do you Get Medical Marijuana free – In most states that allow medical marijuana patients have the right to grow for themselves. If this is the case then you should definitely think about growing your own medicine or getting a caregiver (neighbor or sibling) to help you out. Caregivers can register with the department of health and will be responsible for growing your medication. You might have to pitch in for material but this will be infinitely cheaper than buying ounces.
  • How do you get medical marijuana for little money – Some states have cannabis collectives which in essence is a non-profit organization that grows marijuana for patients. The patient would essentially donate money to keep the operation alive and marijuana will be dispensed based on severity of condition. Obviously this is also limited to states that allow these types of establishments.
  • How do you get medical marijuana in the future – Right now it’s a complicated issue but in the future there will be insurance companies that will cover medical cannabis. You might even find clinics that will give you treatment plans where you pay a certain amount monthly and they will cover your cannabis related needs. Currently it is still a sensitive industry and there still are government agencies desperately working on maintaining the state of prohibition, but rest assured that this will not happen. Legalization on all platforms is inevitable and soon patients will have safe and affordable access to their medicine.
How do you get medical marijuana is something that has been on the minds and hearts of patients all over the world. Soon these questions will be answered by a fully integrated medical marijuana industry catering to the needs of patients young and old.
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