How Legal Will Legal Marijuana Be?

Legal Marijuana
Marijuana legalization is a great thing, there is no doubt about that, and something that many of us have been waiting to happen for a very long time.  Marijuana legalization is not only a new found freedom, though, but a privilege as well.  If it isn’t treated this way, then legalization could cause us more problems than we want to deal with, not to mention we want to prove that legalization is the right way to go.  For a long time marijuana users have been portrayed negatively by mainstream media, so the burden of proof is on us.  We can prove them wrong by following the legal marijuana laws, of which there will be many.  This brings us to the question “How legal will legal marijuana be?”  And it’s a good question, because even though all of the laws have not yet been defined in legal marijuana states such as Washington and Colorado, there are tentative rules that need to be followed if this is going to work.  An outline of some of those rules follows…
  • Smoking in Public – It is important to understand that just because recreational use of marijuana has been legalized in Washington and Colorado it doesn’t mean that it is legal to smoke in public.  Just as open containers of alcohol are not allowed on the streets in most states, neither will a lit doobie be allowed in the streets either.  Of course you may be thinking what they don’t know won’t hurt them, but you should be prepared to answer to some sort of consequences if you get caught smoking in public.
  • Regarding Minors – The biggest concern that many people have when it comes to marijuana legalization is minors, so there is no doubt that we will see numerous rules and laws regarding them in situations involving marijuana.  For now the rules dictate that the legal age for being able to use marijuana is the same as alcohol, which is 21.  And as far as being in the vicinity of minors, current rules state that people using marijuana should be within a certain distance from schools and parks and such.  You should check with your local government to determine what that distance is.
  • Obtaining Legal Weed – What everybody really wants to know is how to obtain legal weed.  And although neither of the legal marijuana states has legal recreational dispensaries open yet, this will be one of the methods of obtaining legal weed that will be available to you.  Your only options now are to grow it or have it given to you by somebody who grew it themselves.  It’s unlikely that you’ll ever be able to buy it from your current dealer, but you never know.
All of the laws regarding legal marijuana in Washington and Colorado may not be defined yet, but these guidelines will have you heading in the right direction in terms of following the rules.

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